Thursday, 9 November 2017

Brexit is 'getting dramatic', says European Union

So, here we are, poised to begin round six of Brexit talks, and it might move you to raise an eyebrow or two to hear that the two sides can't even agree what to call these meetings now: negotiating rounds, stock-taking exercises or an information exchange.

These days I'd call them a dance around a standstill.

UK negotiators have long been frustrated with the format of the (so far) monthly rounds of talks.

They feel that sitting in Brussels for days at a stretch doesn't allow them the opportunity to consult London when an impasse is reached in order to - maybe - come up with a plan B and - hopefully - move forward.

But EU negotiators ruled out a more flexible style of talks because, instead of consulting with one capital city, they've got 27 of them that would want to chip in, plus the European Parliament.

Simply not practicable, they say.

Perhaps then you won't fall off your chair in shock when I tell you expectations of round six of - whatever these talks should be labelled as - are low on the Brussels side of the Channel.

BBC      News.