Thursday, 23 November 2017

Martin Schulz is under pressure to review the SDP's refusal to enter into a coalition

Germany's Social Democrats are under pressure to reconsider an alliance with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and form a coalition government.

SPD leader Martin Schulz is due to meet President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is holding talks to break the impasse.

Mr Schulz has refused to enter into a coalition with the Christian Democrats.

The deadlock follows the collapse of talks between the Christian Democrats, the Free Democrats and the Greens.

Some members of the centre-left SPD are calling on Mr Schulz to change his mind and form a "grand coalition" with the conservative CDU/CSU bloc.
The leader of the party's conservative wing, lawmaker Johannes Kahrs, urged Mr Schulz to keep an open mind during the talks with Mr Steinmeier, Bild newspaper reports.

The paper also says that German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, the party's former leader, favoured a resumed coalition.

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