Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Sir Michael Fallon resigns as Defence Secretary

Sir Michael Fallon has resigned as Defence Secretary, days after he apologised for touching a journalist’s knee.
The Sevenoaks MP admitted he had "fallen below" acceptable standards and had since "reflected on my position".

He wrote in a letter to Theresa May: "A number of allegations have surfaced about MPs in recent days, including some about my previous conduct.

"Many of these have been false but I accept that in the past I have fallen below the high standards that we require of the Armed Forces that I have the honour to represent.

"I have reflected on my position and I am therefore resigning as Defence Secretary."

Sir Michael Fallon's resignation letter

The PM responded: "I appreciate the characteristically serious manner in which you have considered your position, and the particular example you wish to set to servicemen and women and others."

She also praised his "long and distinguished" career in Parliament and added: "On behalf of all those you have helped throughout your time in Government, I thank you for your service."

Sky News Political Editor Faisal Islam said: "This is now very, very serious for the Government, who will hope to limit the fallout."

Theresa May's response to Sir Michael Fallon's resignation letter

On Monday, Sir Michael apologised for putting his hand on radio host Julia Hartley-Bewer's knee at a conference dinner in 2002.
Ms Hartley-Brewer said she "absolutely didn't expect the news".

Julia Hartley-Brewer thinks actual harassment cases should be taken seriously

She told Sky News: "I'm incredibly shocked. If this is about knee-gate, him touching my knee 15 years ago and me not having any issue with it at all, this is the most absurd resignation of a Cabinet minister ever.

"However I don't think that is the reason.

"I doubt very much if one of the standards they require in the armed forces means that no man in the military has ever touched the knee of a younger woman."

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