Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Uber says 2.7m British riders and drivers hit by breach that was covered up

Uber has revealed that 2.7 million British riders and drivers were affected by a 2016 data breach that it covered up for more than a year.

A total of 57 million worldwide had data exposed in the breach, but the firm had not specified how many were UK-based before.

The stolen information includes names, email addresses and phone numbers and - for US drivers - licence numbers.

Uber should notify UK users who have been affected, the data regulator said.

According to Uber, the 2.7 million figure is "approximate rather than an accurate and definitive account" - this is because the information gathered by the firm's app does not always specify where users live.
A spokesman for Uber told the BBC the firm is not able to clarify how many UK drivers are included in the 2.7 million.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) had previously said it had "huge concerns" about the breach.

Responding to the latest news, a spokesman for the ICO said: "As part of our investigation we are still waiting for technical reports which should give full confirmation of the figures and the type of personal data that has been compromised."

"We would expect Uber to alert all those affected in the UK as soon as possible."

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