Saturday, 25 November 2017

UK has 10 days to sort Brexit divorce settlement, says President of the European Council

The President of the European Council has given the UK 10 days to meet EU demands on the Brexit divorce settlement.
After an hour-long private meeting with Theresa May in Brussels, Donald Tusk said he would not be able to allow the Brexit negotiations to move to the crucial trade and transition phase unless the UK meets his deadline.

In the clearest signal yet that the EU side sees itself as the driver in the Brexit negotiations, Mr Tusk said: "Sufficient progress in Brexit talks at December European Council (summit) is possible.
"But still a huge challenge.

"We need to see progress from UK within 10 days on all issues, including on Ireland."

An EU source, who was at the meeting, added: "Prime Minister May agreed to this timeframe.

"If no progress within next 10 days, it will not be possible for Mr Tusk to propose draft guidelines for the second phase of the talks on the transition and the future relationship."

Mrs May's assessment of the same meeting was more upbeat, insisting the "atmosphere was positive".

"There are still issues across the various matters that we are negotiating on to be resolved but there's been a very positive atmosphere in the talks and a genuine feeling that we want to move forward together," she said.

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