Thursday, 30 November 2017

UN's humanitarian co-ordinator for Syria seeks urgent Eastern Ghouta medical evacuations

The UN's humanitarian co-ordinator for Syria says 500 people with urgent medical needs must be evacuated from a besieged rebel-held area near Damascus.

Jan Egeland said there had been nine deaths so far among those waiting for permission to leave the Eastern Ghouta.

Dozens of civilians are also reported to have been killed in recent air and artillery attacks by government forces, though a ceasefire is now in place.

Food shortages have meanwhile led to many cases of severe malnutrition.

The appeal came as government and opposition delegations arrived at a UN complex in Geneva for the latest round of talks aimed at finding a political solution to the civil war, which has left more than 340,000 people dead since 2011.
UN envoy Staffan de Mistura said he believed the moment was right now for real progress, and that he might encourage the two sides to meet face-to-face.

BBC     News.