Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Boeing and Bombardier traded verbal blows on Monday

Boeing and Bombardier traded verbal blows on Monday over claims by the US planemaker that the Canadian company receives massive subsidies.

The two sides appeared before the US International Trade Commission (ITC) in the latest round of their bitter row.

Boeing accused Bombardier of harming sales of its 737 aircraft and urged the ITC to support tariffs on its rival.

But Bombardier, which makes wings in Belfast, said Boeing makes "money hand over fist" from the 737.

Boeing claims Bombardier's new C-Series aircraft is being sold in the US below cost because of Canadian subsidies.
The US company won the first round of the fight in October when the US Commerce Department ordered that tariffs of up to 300% should be imposed on the C-Series.

The ITC will decide if the tariffs should be made permanent, which could effectively shut off the US market to the C-Series.

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