Friday, 15 December 2017

Dutch Police shoot man with knife at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

Dutch police have shot a man wielding a knife at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.
A tweet from Dutch military police read: "Man at Schiphol shot at by the military police, after he made threats with a knife. Situation safe."

The forces later added officers had overpowered and arrested the suspect, and he is now in custody.

"The man threatened with a knife and the military police shot him," spokesman Stan Verberkt said.

"He was injured and has been taken into custody."

No details of his condition were released and a motive is unclear. Police confirmed it was not being treated as a terror incident.
A spokesman for the airport said the main plaza was evacuated and part of it is still closed off, but that the areas after check-in were operating as normal.

They added: "Schiphol Plaza was initially evacuated but is open to the public again. At the moment air traffic is not affected."

Trains were temporarily not stopping, but are now going in and out of the airport station as normal.

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