Sunday, 17 December 2017

Saudi women will be allowed to drive trucks and motorbikes when new rules are introduced next June

Women in Saudi Arabia will be able to drive trucks and motorcycles as well as cars when new rules are introduced next June.
The law on driving will be "equal" for men and women, the Saudi General Directorate of Traffic said, adding that there would be no special licence plate numbers for cars driven by women.
Special centres, established and run by women, will deal with any woman who commits a traffic violation or is involved in an accident.

The decision to allow women to drive in the country was announced in September by King Salman.

It is part of a programme of reform in the conservative kingdom, which had long been the only state in the world where women were prohibited from driving.
Its unique ban on women drivers has been resisted by female activists for decades, some of whom were jailed for getting behind the wheel.

Other restrictions on women include the country's guardianship system, under which a male family member must grant permission for a woman to study, travel or pursue other activities.

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