Friday, 5 January 2018

25p 'latte levy' would boost recycling rates - MPs

Disposable coffee cups should be sold with a 25p "latte levy" to reduce waste and boost recycling rates, according to a new report.
MPs on the Environment Audit Committee say the charge would encourage consumers to bring their own reusable cups.

The money raised from those who refused would be used to increase the number of recycling plants able to handle plastic-lined take-away cups.

Mary Creagh MP, the committee chairperson, told Sky News: "We have seen, with the plastic bag charge, an 83% reduction in use.

"We think a latte levy will be the kind of charge that will make people think 'I need to bring my cup to work today', in the same way that they are moving more and more to reusable plastic bottles."

At least 2.5 billion disposable cups are thrown away every year.

But just four recycling companies in the UK can separate the plastic film lining the inside of the paper cup. As a result just six million - 0.25% - are recycled.

The MPs say that all of these cups should be recycled by 2023 - or the Government should step in and ban them.

SKY         News.

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