Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Bayeux Tapestry 'to go on display in the UK' in historic loan

The Bayeux Tapestry, the 70-metre-long embroidered cloth depicting William of Normandy's 1066 victory over the Saxons at Hastings, could be put on display in the UK.
It is reported that French President Emmanuel Macron will announce the loan of the artwork during his visit to the UK on Thursday.
It will be the first time it has left France in 950 years.

According to The Times, the director of the Bayeux Museum in Normandy - where the tapestry is currently based - confirmed preparations were under way for it to be moved.

Tests will be carried out to ensure the delicate embroidery can be moved without damage. It could be as long as five years before it arrives in the UK.
It is not yet known where it will go on display.

The origin of the tapestry is unclear, but some scholars believe it is likely to have been commissioned by William's half-brother, Bishop Odo, and made in England, not France, a few years after the battle which saw Harold Godwinson's Saxon army routed.

As well as announcing the loan of the tapestry, Mr Macron's visit to the UK will include talks with Theresa May concentrating on issues such as climate change, air pollution, cyber threats and the human genome.

BBC     News.

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