Friday, 12 January 2018

Boris Johnson slams 'pompous popinjay' Donald Trump critics after UK visit cancelled

Boris Johnson has dismissed critics of Donald Trump as "puffed up pompous popinjays", hours after the US president cancelled a visit to London to open the new American embassy.
The Foreign Secretary said people who welcomed news the US leader would not visit Britain were "determined to put" a "crucial relationship at risk".
The announcement by Mr Trump sparked mixed reaction.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said Mr Trump had "got the message" that people in the capital "find his policies and actions the polar opposite of our city's values".

But Mr Johnson tweeted: "The US is the biggest single investor in the UK - yet Khan & Corbyn seem determined to put this crucial relationship at risk. We will not allow US-UK relations to be endangered by some puffed up pompous popinjay in City Hall."

A popinjay is a type of parrot, sometimes used as an insult to describe someone vain or who behaves extravagantly.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has not publicly commented on Mr Trump's cancelled visit.

Downing Street later said the "strong and deep" partnership between Britain and the US "will endure".

Asked if the Prime Minister shared the President's view of south London, Theresa May's spokesman replied: "It is a vibrant and important part of London, home to many businesses."
A Number 10 source told Sky News: "Boris expresses himself in his own inimitable way - but we agree that any risk to the crucial US-UK relationship is not in our country's best interests."

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