Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sturgeon to decide on pushing for indyref2 by end of year

Nicola Sturgeon has said she will be able to make a judgment on whether to back a second referendum on Scottish independence by the end of this year.

The first minister said her decision would be made when the shape of a deal between Britain and the European Union became clear in the autumn.

Her comments come ahead of the publication of a Scottish government assessment on the impact of Brexit.

The UK government has accused the SNP of trying to undermine the Brexit vote.

The SNP delayed plans for a new vote on independence following the loss of 21 MPs in last year's general election.

She added: "At that point, what I've said is that we will look at that and determine at that stage if Scotland should then have the right to choose between whatever that new relationship with the UK is going to be or choosing to be an independent country."

When asked if the timetable would be between October and the end of 2018, Ms Sturgeon responded:

 "That's when I will be able to look at that and make a judgement about what the next appropriate steps are for Scotland, and I will then report that to the Scottish Parliament and to the people of Scotland."

She was challenged to acknowledge that a decision to hold a second referendum then would not leave enough time for the independence vote before the UK's planned withdrawal from the EU in March 2019.

Ms Sturgeon said: "We'll make decisions on timing when we get to that point and look at that."

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