Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Venezuela helicopter pilot Oscar Pérez killed in nine-hour long siege near the capital

Renegade helicopter pilot Oscar Pérez was killed in a nine-hour long siege near the capital, Caracas, on Monday, the Venezuelan government has confirmed.

The pilot was labelled a "terrorist" by the government after he threw grenades at government buildings from a helicopter he stole on 27 June.

He had been on the run since then.

Police tracked him down to a house where he was hiding along with members of the anti-government cell he founded.

Oscar Pérez had been a member of the forensic police (known as the CICPC by its initials in Spanish) for 15 years before he hit the headlines.

Venezuelan police officer and helicopter pilot, Oscar Perez, in a video obtained on social media, 15 January 2018

BBC        News.

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