Saturday, 3 February 2018

One of the country's largest coal-fired Eggborough power station to shut as policy goes cold on coal

One of the country's largest coal-fired power stations is to stop generating electricity because it is not economically viable.
The owner of the Eggborough plant in East Yorkshire said it had taken the decision to close it because it had failed to secure funding through the so-called "capacity market" for 2018-2019.
That is the process by which suppliers are paid to be on standby to provide electricity in the event of a shortage - to prevent the lights going out.

The station, which is located just off the M62 between the towns of Knottingley and Snaith, has the capability to provide 5% of the country's total electricity needs - enough to power two million homes.

It began operation in 1970 and was originally only supposed to remain in service until 1995.

But it has become the latest casualty of the Government's drive to phase out the most-polluting coal-fired plants as more of the slack is taken up by gas and renewables such as wind power.

A new generation of nuclear plants - starting with Hinkley Point C in 2025 - is due to come on stream to form part of the mix.

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