Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Premier League raises less from TV rights auction

The Premier League has seen a decline in the money raised from the sale of rights to broadcast matches in the UK.

In total BT and Sky bid £4.4bn to screen the lion's share of 200 games for each season between 2019-2022.

That amount falls short of the £5.1bn the Premier League netted in 2015.

Two packages to show 20 midweek matches are still to be sold, but experts say it is unlikely they will raise enough to top the previous rights deal.

"I don't think that those two packages by themselves are going to bridge the gap between what the domestic rights were sold for last time and what they're going for this time," said Dan Jones, head of the sports business group at the accountancy firm Deloitte.
In 2012, BT and Sky paid £3bn for the rights to show matches between 2013 and 2015, up from £1.77bn in the previous three-year cycle.

In 2015, the Premier League then took a total of £5.1bn for the next three years.

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