Monday, 12 February 2018

Unilever threatens to withdraw ads from platforms like Google and Facebook

Unilever has threatened to withdraw ads from platforms like Google and Facebook if they do not do enough to police extremist and illegal content.

Unilever said consumer trust in social media is now at a new low.

"We cannot have an environment where our consumers don't trust what they see online," said Unilever's chief marketing officer Keith Weed.

He said it was in the interest of digital media firms to act before "advertisers stop advertising".

Mr Weed said companies could not continue to support an online advertising industry where extremist material, fake news, child exploitation, political manipulation, racism and sexism were rife.
"It is acutely clear from the groundswell of consumer voices over recent months that people are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of digital on wellbeing, on democracy - and on truth itself," Mr Weed said.

"This is not something that can brushed aside or ignored. "

BBC         News.

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