Monday, 5 March 2018

Angela Merkel promises action on jobs and EU

Angela Merkel has said it is important that a new government gets to work quickly after the longest period of coalition-building in post-war Germany.

She said she would work to secure jobs and prosperity, and promised to provide a strong voice for Germany in the EU.

The chancellor is set to form her fourth government after the opposition Social Democrats (SPD) voted in favour of another grand coalition on Sunday.

Two thirds of SPD members backed the deal, despite the threat of veto.

The SPD had been split between the party's leadership, which backed joining the coalition, and its radical youth wing, which did not.

"Almost six months after the election, the people expect something to happen now," Mrs Merkel said in a short statement on Monday.

"We see that... Europe faces challenges and that a strong voice from Germany, along with that of France and other member states, is necessary," she added, pointing to issues including conflict in Syria and world trade.

BBC      News.