Thursday, 22 March 2018

Germany asylum seeker jailed for life for murdering Freiburg student

An asylum seeker has been jailed for life for the rape and murder of a woman in Germany in a case that fuelled tensions over the influx of migrants.

Hussein Khavari, who claimed to be Afghan, admitted to attacking student Maria Ladenburger, 19, in October 2016 in the south-western city of Freiburg.

She was raped and strangled - but alive when she was left on the bank of a river to drown, the judge said.

Khavari was arrested weeks later and DNA tests linked him to the crime.

After his arrest, it emerged that he had already been convicted to 10 years in jail in Greece in 2014 for attempted murder after pushing a woman off a cliff. But he was freed in October 2015 due to overcrowded prisons.
He fled via Austria to Germany, where he arrived with no documents a month later, claiming he was 17 years old.

Because his DNA did not show up on a European register and there was no international arrest warrant for him, Freiburg's youth welfare office placed him with a foster family.

But during the trial evidence emerged suggesting that he was in fact from Iran and could be as old as 32.

The court accepted expert assessments, including X-rays of his bone structure and a dental analysis, and tried him as an adult, AFP news agency reports.

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