Monday, 26 March 2018

More than 50 injured in protests over arrest of Catalan president in Germany

Protests have erupted in Barcelona following the arrest in Germany of Catalan president Carles Puigdemont.
More than 50 people have been injured following the arrest of Mr Puigdemont, who has been detained on a European arrest warrant and will appear in court on Monday.

Police intercepted Mr Puigdemont near the Danish border as the ousted politician attempted to return to Belgium, according to his lawyer, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas.

Mr Puigdemont "was arrested today at 11:19 am by Schleswig-Holstein's highway patrol force," said a German police spokesman.

"He is now in police custody", added the spokesman.

Protesters hold a banner reading: 'Freedom to political prisoners' in Barcelona

Within hours, thousands of people assembled in Barcelona to protest Mr Puigdemont's arrest, with videos of the crowds circulating on social media.

Images showed the protesters clashing with police in riot gear in scenes reminiscent of the contested independence vote last year.

It is not known how many people are involved in the demonstrations, nor how many police officers have been deployed.

Mr Puigdemont's lawyer said on Saturday that the former president had slipped out of Finland some time prior.

The former Catalan president has been in Germany since Thursday for talks with MPs.

A Spanish Supreme Court judge reactivated an international arrest warrant for him on Friday.

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