Monday, 5 March 2018

Thousands across UK left without water after pipes burst

People across the UK are being urged to use as little water as possible after thawing temperatures caused pipes to burst.
Residents of some parts of London and the South East said they had been without water for more than 24 hours by Sunday night, with little indication of when supplies would return.

Long queues have formed in London as people wait to collect water bottles being distributed by companies while they wait for running water to return to their homes.

"Nothing. Nothing for three days. No drinking water. Nothing," one resident who was stocking up the backseat of his car with water told Sky News. "There's six of us in the family. It's been very difficult."

Midlands provider Severn Trent said some water had been cut in the Birmingham area due to "unprecedented" leaks.

Schools in the area warned they may have to close as a result of the disruption.

Suppliers in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, as well as the North West, Yorkshire and the South West, also warned of shutoffs caused by burst pipes following the recent freeze and thaw.

In a joint statement on Sunday, four South East companies said they were experiencing "exceptionally high levels of demand" and Thames Water said 12,000 homes were without water.

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