Saturday, 3 March 2018

Weather warnings remain as temperatures set to rise

Weather warnings for snow and icy roads remain in place across much of the UK - as temperatures are expected to gradually rise in many areas.

Hundreds of people remain without power, as motorists and rail passengers have been told to expect continued disruption on roads and railways.

Meanwhile, the Environment Agency has issued 13 flood warnings, mainly in the south-west and north-east England.

It comes as temperatures in many areas are set to rise above zero later.

The Met Office has two active yellow warnings in place for Saturday, covering large areas of the UK.
One, warning of ice applies to much of south-east England, the Midlands, Wales and Northern Ireland will expire at 11:00 GMT on Sunday.

The second warning - which is expected to be in place all day - is of further snow for parts of north-east England and much of Scotland.

BBC     News.