Thursday, 5 April 2018

High court in Madrid rejects Swiss request to remand Herve Falciani in custody

The high court in Madrid has rejected a request from Switzerland to remand in custody a whistleblower who leaked bank details of HSBC clients to authorities.

Hervé Falciani was detained in Spain on Wednesday but has been released pending the outcome of an extradition request.

Mr Falciani is not permitted to leave Spain ahead of the court's decision.

In 2015 the French national was sentenced in Switzerland to five years in jail for industrial espionage over the leaking of secret bank data.

On Thursday, the court in Madrid ordered Mr Falciani to hand over his passport and said he must appear before them every week while it considers the Swiss extradition request.
Mr Falciani's lawyer, Manuel Olle, said the court's measures to keep his client in the country were "quite drastic".

BBC     News.