Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Prisoner kills two female officers after stealing their weapons in Belgian city of Liege

A man has shot dead two female police officers after stealing their weapons in the Belgian city of Liege.
The gunman also killed a 22-year-old male car passenger on the Boulevard d'Avory, before taking a female cleaner hostage at a nearby high school.

She was released when police shot dead the attacker, who has been named by local media as Belgian national Benjamin Herman.

The 36-year-old petty criminal and drug dealer was released from prison on Monday for a few hours but he failed to return, according to media report.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said Herman had been mentioned indirectly in state security reports on radicalisation, but was not on a terror watchlist as services had found "no reason to give him such a qualification".

Media reported that the suspect had been radicalised in prison, and an AFP source close to the investigation said he had been reported as belonging to the "entourage of an Islamist recruiter".

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