Sunday, 17 June 2018

Didier Lombard and France Telecom to stand trial over employee suicides

A spate of suicides at a leading French company will see a number of top executives stand trial over alleged workplace bullying.
The former head of France Telecom Didier Lombard, six other executives and telecoms operator Orange, formerly France Telecom, are to be taken to court over their alleged role in a wave of staff suicides.
They are accused of engaging in or assisting psychological harassment, according to the court order.

An April 2010 report from labour inspectors found that 19 employees took their own lives, 12 attempted suicide and eight suffered from deep depression or were forced to stop work as a result.

Unions said that more than 35 had ended their own lives, according to French newspaper Le Monde.

France Telecom, which has since become Orange, was hit by the wave of employee suicides beginning in 2008.

Among the cases was a man who killed himself during a staff meeting.

The suicides continued in 2010, with five workers dying in one 10-day period.

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