Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Energy giant E.On announces 4.8% dual fuel price rise

Energy giant E.On has said its standard tariff prices will rise by an average of 4.8% for those customers who take both gas and electricity.

Customers will face an average annual price rise of £55 from 16 August.

"A number of costs have risen quite sharply and we've experienced a hike in the price we have to pay for the energy our customers need," E.On said.

In March, the company made changes to its bills which added £22 to its average standard variable tariff rate.

An E.On spokeswoman told the BBC: "Those changes led to the removal of discounts and a change to the standing charge for people who pay on demand by cash or cheque.
"This is an increase in unit price, which makes us the fourth cheapest of the big six suppliers."

BBC       News.

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