Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Heathrow Airport third runway overwhelmingly backed by MPs in Commons vote

MPs have overwhelmingly backed the government's £14bn proposal to expand Heathrow Airport with a third runway.
In a vote late on Monday, the House of Commons supported the plan by 415 to 119, giving the government a huge majority of 296.

Ministers were aided by the support of 119 Labour MPs voting in favour of the plan, with many of the party's trade union backers in favour of a third runway.

Eight Tory MPs, including ex-ministers Justine Greening and Greg Hands, rebelled against the party's three-line whip and voted against expansion.

And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who gave his MPs a free vote on the issue, was joined by 93 of his colleagues in voting against a third runway.

The SNP abstained in protest at what they claimed was a failure by the government to provide guarantees the scheme will benefit Scotland.

Despite securing parliamentary backing for their plan, ministers still face a number of obstacles before construction can begin in west London.

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