Thursday, 28 June 2018

Ticketmaster 'warned of hack attack in April by Monzo'

Ticketmaster was warned in April that it had been the victim of a hack attack, digital bank Monzo has claimed.

Ticketmaster had previously said it did not know about the breach until June and had then acted quickly to inform "all relevant authorities".

It has been contacted for comment.

But in an article published on its website, Monzo said it had replaced the bank cards of about 50 of its customers who had, on 6 April, reported fraudulent transactions.

And during the subsequent investigation, its financial crime and security team had noticed about 35 of them had used their cards with Ticketmaster in the previous five months.
In the following two weeks, Monzo said, it had seen eight more compromised cards, six of which had been used at Ticketmaster.

"Given the pattern that was emerging, we decided to reach out to Ticketmaster directly," said Natasha Vernier, head of financial crime at Monzo.

"On Thursday 12 April, members of the Ticketmaster security team visited the Monzo office so we could share the information we had gathered.

"They told us they would investigate internally."

The cause of the breach, which the BBC understands has affected up to 40,000 UK users, appears to be a customer-service chatbot employed by third-party Inbenta Technologies.

BBC         News.

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