Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Public sector workers: Biggest pay rise announced for a million people

A million public sector workers are to receive their biggest pay rise in nearly 10 years, the government says.

It includes 2.9% extra this year for the armed forces, 2.75% for prison officers and up to 3.5% for teachers.

Police will see a 2% rise, the same increase seen by GPs and dentists.

The move confirms the scrapping of the 1% pay cap last year and follows campaigns by unions for higher wage rises.

The government said the increases were affordable within its spending plans. Individual departments are having to fund the pay rises, rather than the money coming from the Treasury.
The pay rises for doctors and dentists only apply to England, while the pay rises for prison officers, teachers, and police officers apply to England and Wales.

The armed forces pay offer is for the whole of the UK.

Details of the announcement include:
  • The teachers' pay deal means a rise of 3.5% - worth between £800 and £1,366 per year - for classroom teachers on the main pay range. Overall, teachers in England and Wales will receive pay rises of between 1.5% and 3.5%
  • Schools will receive a pay grant of £508m over two years to cover the increases, drawn from existing Department for Education budgets
  • The £508m is for schools in England only and increases in Wales will rely on money from the devolved government
  • The rise for members of the armed forces is 2%, falling short of the 2.9% recommended by the Armed Forces' Pay Review Body, but is being supplemented by a one-off non-consolidated payment of 0.9% this year
  • This means the average soldier will get an extra £680 in pay with a one-off payment of £300
  • Prison workers get a 2% annual pay rise with a one-off non-consolidated payment of 0.75%
  • A pay increase of at least 2% is being given to junior doctors, specialist doctors, GPs and dentists, with consultants getting a pay rise of 1.5%
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