Monday, 30 July 2018

Relatives of 239 people left frustrated as report into missing MH370 reveals 'nothing new'

Relatives of the 239 people on-board Malaysia Airlines flight 370 have expressed frustration that a new report into its disappearance has revealed “nothing new".
Some of the next of kin left the briefing at Malaysia's ministry of transport in tears, telling awaiting media teams they were devastated that after four years they still do not know what happened to their loved ones.

The aircraft went missing on 8 March 2014, on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, in one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries.

Investigators previously found that the plane turned west off its predetermined route, heading back over Malaysia.

A media briefing by the Malaysian safety investigation team said the plane was under manual control when it turned back, rather than flying on autopilot.

It said it could not exclude the interference of a third party, but concluded it was unable to determine the real cause of the disappearance.

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