Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Warring leaders of South Sudan sign power-sharing deal to end five-year civil war

The warring leaders of South Sudan have signed a power-sharing agreement in their latest bid to end a brutal five-year civil war.
The world's youngest country has been mired in conflict for much of its existence, having become independent from Sudan in 2011 after a landslide referendum.
President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Riek Machar - who had been allies in the campaign for independence - will sign an agreement on 5 August that will lead to the creation of a new government accommodating both factions, according to foreign minster Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed.

The warring groups have already agreed on a permanent ceasefire, and to withdraw their forces from civilian areas.

Once the final deal is in place, Mr Machar will become vice president - a post he had held until violence broke out in 2013.

He was kicked out of the government after being accused of plotting a coup against the president, an allegation he rejected. Instead, he accused Mr Kiir of purging potential political rivals.

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