Wednesday, 29 August 2018

British Gas pays £2.65m over invalid fees and charges

British Gas has paid £2.65m in refunds, compensation and redress after wrongly overcharging more than 94,000 customers who switched to new providers.

According to the regulator Ofgem, British Gas charged customers its more expensive standard variable tariff rate after they decided to switch to a new supplier, due to a system error.

British Gas also wrongly charged exit fees to 1,698 fixed deal customers.

It also wrongly informed 2.5 million customers they might incur an exit fee.

British Gas said following the system error, those who were charged too much were "promptly refunded as soon as we identified the issue and were paid an additional goodwill gesture".
It said some customers were provided with initial communications containing incorrect terms and conditions - but all other communications they received were correct. "We have changed our processes to ensure the error has been corrected," it added.

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