Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Priceless Swedish crown jewels stolen by thieves who escaped on speedboat

Priceless crown jewels belonging to the Swedish royal family have been stolen by thieves who escaped on a speed boat.
Two crowns - one belonging to King Karl IX, the other to Queen Kristina - were snatched on Tuesday morning, as well as a royal orb.
They were stolen from the Cathedral of Strangnas, a 900-year-old church around 80 miles from the capital, Stockholm.

Two men reportedly lifted them from locked glass boxes and made their getaway in a speedboat waiting at a nearby waterway.

Police helicopters were scrambled but the perpetrators have not been caught.

Dating back more than 400 years, the jewels were burial crowns to mark the death of King Karl IX in 1611. They were later exhumed and put on display.

Thomas Agnevik, a police spokesperson, told local media "it's 1-0 to them right now" as a manhunt was launched.
He said: "I have talked to someone at the county administrative board that says it is not possible to put an economic value on them - these are invaluable objects of national interest.

"We are looking for a small and open motorboat. We have some different information about how exactly the boat looked.

"We are now examining all the tips we receive."

Strangnas cathedral has been closed so that "technical examinations" can be carried out, a police statement added.

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