Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Ryanair to cancel 250 flights in and out of Germany on Friday as more pilots join strike

Ryanair plans to cancel 250 flights in and out of Germany on Friday after pilots joined a 24-hour walkout taking place in Ireland, Sweden and Belgium.
The airline, which has been struggling to agree terms with pilots and cabin crew in many of the markets it operates in, has already cancelled 146 flights in the three other countries.
Ryanair chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs said the firm regretted the decision taken by the pilots' union and was ready to continue negotiations.

"Our pilots in Germany enjoy excellent working condition," Mr Jacobs said.

"They are paid up to €190,000 (£169,948) per annum and, as well as additional benefits, they received a 20% pay increase at the start of this year.

"Ryanair pilots earn at least 30% more than Eurowings and 20% more than Norwegian pilots."

The carrier said it would contact the affected customers and provided them with alternative flights or refunds.

Europe's biggest airline by passenger numbers operates more than 2,400 flights across Europe each day.

It had to cancel more than 600 flights last month after disgruntled staff in Belgium, Spain and Portugal went on strike.

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