Monday, 15 October 2018

Child and two women die after plane crashes into them in Germany

Three people, including a child, have died after they were hit by a private plane in Germany as it attempted to take off.
Two women and a child, believed to be nine or 10, were standing at the edge of an airfield at the Wasserkuppe hill near Fulda, in central Germany's Hesse state.

Police said the Cessna had been attempting to take off after an aborted landing manoeuvre on Sunday.

It failed to gain lift and broke through a barrier, hitting the trio.
The four people on board the plane are suffering from shock, as is an eyewitness.

Police said the aircraft came from the Mannheim area of southwestern Germany and had been on a trip to the Wasserkuppe, a plateau formation 950 metres (3,120ft) above sea level which is popular with gliders and light aircraft pilots.

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