Wednesday, 10 October 2018

EU pushes for new tax on tech giants 'by Christmas', says Pierre Moscovici

A new tax on technology giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google could raise £4.4bn a year across Europe, an EU commissioner has said.

Pierre Moscovici, head of tax for the European Commission, said a deal was "doable by Christmas".

Good progress was being made, he said, in unblocking an issue that has caused controversy around the world.

But he warned that if there was no deal by then, it could be the end of next year before it could be reconsidered.

The year 2019 would be dominated by Brexit, the European Parliament elections in May and the appointment of a new set of Commissioners, and it was "hardly imaginable" a technology tax would be agreed, he said.
"We can lead by example," the man leading the battle to increase taxes on internet giants argued.
"Let's do it now."

BBC      News.

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