Monday, 15 October 2018

Fracking for shale gas begins in Lancashire amid protests against the controversial process

Fracking for shale gas is under way in Lancashire amid protests against the controversial process.
Energy firm Cuadrilla started hydraulic fracturing at the site in Little Plumpton on Monday, with the work set to continue for three months.

A High Court appeal to stop the fracking was unsuccessful on Friday.

The work marks the first time fracking has taken place in the UK since 2011, when the process was halted after it caused two small earthquakes in Lancashire.

Police closed off the site earlier as around 50 protesters gathered before the work began.

A team had to cut a man and woman out of a set of tyres which they had apparently cemented their arms into. 

One activist sat on top of a van outside the site with a banner reading "Stop the Start", while another laid down in front of railings.

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